WhatsApp Sticker for Android App Free Download – Best & Funny!

By | September 27, 2016

WhatsApp Sticker for Android: It is an age of the internet, and every people spend its maximum time daily on the internet. It becomes a habit for its every user as they switch to its WhatsApp account whenever they get any time. WhatsApp Messenger app with around 1 billion active user makes it most popular messaging App today. Now out of its one billion users, the maximum user is addicted to it. WhatsApp is used to send a picture, video, PDF documents, Music clip, location, sticker, etc. to your friends. Every Smartphone and iPhone user have this App installed on their handset. This app is best, and it works well to remain connected with my friends those are on my mobile contact list.

WhatsApp Sticker for Android App Download – Best & Funny!


This amazing idea first came in the mind of Brain Action, Later in 2009 Brain Action and Jan koum founded WhatsApp.Inc.  Later in19th February 2014 WhatsApp was acquired by  Social Tech Giant Facebook. At beginning it was not free to use and built only for iOS users but now it works well on every platform, and it is free for lifetime.

Uses of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp can be used for many purposes, and you can use it for your friends and also you can use it for your business or works. As it is a private environment, so it is good for any type of enterprise chat or business chat. Sometimes you need to send some documents to your friends or colleagues then you can use this platform to send your documents as it has a feature to send PDF documents.

You can also send a picture which you can select it from your gallery, and also you can take an instant picture by clicking on its camera icon. Not only picture or images you can send nay music track to your friends, and also you can send video. You can chat with one to one, and also you can create a group and join your friends in your group for group chat. Apart from chat you can also be able to do voice call which doesn’t use your mobile balance, it uses your internet balance.

Apart from chatting, you can also send any location to your friends and with this, you can also send any contacts directly from contacts directory to any of your friends. So you can use WhatsApp for every of your requirements and so it became a most powerful and efficient instant messenger App.

Features of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the no. 1 instant messaging service that comes with a lot of intuitive features. Below I will discuss some important feature, which makes WhatsApp the most amazing chatting hub.

  1. Different Text Style

Sometimes it is rude to send all word in CAPS. Suppose you had sent HEY WHERE ARE YOU but still your message can’t be able to bring attention to your friends or other, so using only caps word is not working you have to send a text with a different style, means you can use italics word or bold word in certain parts of your message. Also, you can use strikethrough text when you want to apologize, or you want to tell sorry to your friends. So with this new feature, you can decorate you chat message more notable and attractive. But unfortunately, this feature of WhatsApp is yet not available for Apple user or iOS users. It will release soon for only Apple users.


  1. Send PDF Document

It is a recently added feature of WhatsApp. This feature allows all WhatsApp user to send pdf documents. But as per my knowledge to send and receive any PDF documents both of you have the latest version of WhatsApp. If you are not using update version, then it may fail to send PDF document and prompt a message “Sending Failed.” So it is always best to use updated version of WhatsApp so that you can use all its features without any type of obstacles.sdfghjkl

It is available for both Apple and Android users. For Android users click on top of this interface and you will see document option and for Apple user place your thumb on the arrow icon on the left.

  1. Save Data

To save data balance, WhatsApp has features for both Android and iPhone users. Suppose you notice that during sending any photos or videos it is consuming your data balance more than you can change your data settings to minimize consumption. In setting tab, you can manage your data settings. First, go to Settings, then click on data usage. There you will find many options. You can set those settings as per your need. Suppose at the time of receiving or sending any video or photos you need to use Wi-Fi then there you can change it. If you want to close all data consumption then here you can select Wi-Fi. dfguytrui

  1. Show data balance for voice calls

This feature of WhatsApp will help to know how much data you have consumed by making a voice call. Go to the Recent option then click on “I,” it will give you all information regarding your voice call- Duration of each call and its data consumption. This feature makes you feel easy on WhatsApp calling.

  1. Bookmarking

There is a chance to lose your digital chats which you had done with your friends. With this feature of WhatsApp, you can star those chats, and also you can bookmark those chats. For example, suppose your friend chat you with an address of a restaurant where you supposed to meet, but if under any circumstances you have lost this information or address then it will be trouble. To overcome such type of troubles WhatsApp introduced a new feature Called Bookmark by which you can bookmark those messages which are important for you. To use this feature just tap on any of your important messages and click on the star option which makes it starred as like in Gmail. In future when you need any of those starred chats then simply click on chat name and then click on starred chats to see all message that you have starred. Here you can also unstar those message by double clicking on messages. This feature of WhatsApp is only available for both iPhone users and Android user.

  1. Broadcasting

If you want to send any broadcast message to all of your friends with one click, then this feature of WhatsApp help you to do this task. Suppose you want to send any invitation or any wishes of any festival or occasion then this feature is very helpful. It can save your time of sending message particularly.

7. WhatsAppWeb

No need to install any third party software in your laptops or PC. WhatsApp has a WhatsAppWeb feature that enables you to do chatting in your desktop. At first, you have to download some software to do WhatsApp on your PC such as Bluestack. But with this feature you don’t need to install any software to make available software on your desktop or PCs. To enable this feature to go to Settings then tap on WhatsApp web, then open web.whatsapp.com on your desktop and then scan the QR code that appears on your mobile. Then Enjoy WhatsApp on your PC.hdjsdhjdask

  1. Backup your chat

Every database needs a backup so that you can retrieve all data if there happens any crash or loss. WhatsApp Backup is also doing the same; it helps its user to keep a backup of all his or her chat that helps to retrieve all chat or words for any loss of data. To enable this setting on your phone just go to Settings then to Chat and calls then Chat backup. You can also schedule Auto backup and choose whether you want to backup your videos or not.

  1. WhatsApp Reminder

Some people forget to give a reply to any message. For them, WhatsApp introduced a new feature Reminder which puts dots on those chats that you have not replied. To enable this feature to swipe any of your contacts to right, the option of unread will show up. Click on this dot and then blue dot will appear. Once you have completed, swipe back to the left to unmark it.

10. Voice call

It is another great feature that enables you to make a voice call. Don’t bother about your mobile balance its require only your internet balance. You can also make a voice call when you are in Wi-Fi coverage.

WhatsApp sticker

Above I have listed features of WhatsApp, but you might notice that in those features I have not discussed any features of sending sticker through WhatsApp to your friends. As WhatsApp acquired by Facebook and as Facebook has given facility to send sticker on chats so we expect that this facility will also be available on WhatsApp later on. But don’t lose your hope there are many ways to send a sticker to your friends on WhatsApp. It requires some sticker app installed on your phone. There are many Sticker apps available on every trusted App source as Google Play Store, App Store. Apart from using App WhatsApp also offers an opportunity to use your image as a sticker.hhjhkhk

Below I am listing some steps to send sticker on WhatsApp.

  1. First of all, open your mobile app store it may be  Google App store or App store. There you will find lots of apps those offers features of sending sticker on WhatsApp.
  2. Search for top apps. When you are searching for apps, always keep in mind that app which requires much permission to install, skip those apps. Please go to reviews to see whether they actually work on WhatsApp. Install those which suits you. Some of the apps have a very little collection of sticker some have a huge collection. Some popular apps that support WhatsApp to send sticker are listed below.
  • For Android user- Emojidom
  • For Android user-Smileys and Memes for Chat
  • For iPhone User- Stickers free.
  • For Apple User-ChatStickerz Funny Emoji Stickers.
  1. Install any one of them and find a sticker. Open the sticker app to find a sticker. There you will find multiple types and category of sticker in which some of them are free, and some of them are not. You have to select a perfect sticker from their store to send it on WhatsApp chat. Tap on any particular sticker you want to send it on through WhatsApp.

Steps to use Emojidom

Open Emojidom you will see a keyboard and a text screen. Type whatever you like in this text area and then select share and from the list select Whatsapp. In a different way, you can do this. Just click on attach button of WhatsApp and then choose Emojidom.In WhatsApp, it will show all stickers available in emoji dom as we see a picture from the gallery on WhatsApp.erttrru

Steps to use Stickers free

 Open the app and choose the sticker you wanna to send it through WhatsApp. Click on Whatsapp from the list of messaging app there. Click to open WhatsApp then paste the sticker to the conversation.

Steps to use Smileys and Memes

Open this app and tap on the sticker you like to use in your chat. Once you have selected the sticker tap WhatsApp on the right corner of this app. You can edit sticker as your wish then click on Done; it will open WhatsApp and then you have to select the conversation with whom you want to share it.

 Steps to use ChatStickerz

  • Launch the app and tap on the sticker you want to add to WhatsApp conversation.
  • Select Whatsapp from the list of apps.
  • If you can’t be able to find WhatsApp then click on More button.
  • Then on WhatsApp select the conversation and then simply paste the sticker there.

So I like to say that Whatsapp is a true chatting platform that giving many awesome features to its users. They update it at regular interval with many upgraded features. So to avail all its feature, you need to update your WhatsApp app. It has all those features that need to have on a great messaging platform but now it has no sticker to send to your friends.But the same thing they make available by using some third party app. But I think that in future they will bring this feature, and it will become a trend. So if this article WhatsApp sticker seems good and up to the mark, then please drop your feedback in the below comment box.

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